Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I was observed yesterday by Rachael, the head of the school. I think the lesson went mostly well. We were exploring gases, so we talked about the uses of gases, such as inflation, flotation, to create heat to cook, etc. I also brought a fizzy drink so we could talk about carbonation, and the girls love the sparkling raspberry! I also bobbed across the street to the printers and asked the nice man gave me a helium balloon for FREE! We also built our own monorails out of towel rolls, balloons, and string, and discussed how the release of the blown up balloon propels the towel roll, and how different modes of transportation use propeller to move. All of this sounds fine and dandy, but I am really awkward at leading discussions! Oh my word! Its really quite atrocious! I guess realizing it is half the battle. So I will talk to Gill and Rachael and ask for pointers. BUT, all in all, I think the girls enjoyed the lesson and it at least got them thinking a little more about gases.

After my first lesson in Gill Platt's class, I took over Sarah's class again for the rest of the day, which I am happy to do. Luckily, they had math and science yesterday, and I just talked about "is", "are", "were", "was" aka the "being" verbs. So nothing too complicated, and maths and science are my comfort zone. I think the girls are responding well to me being the only teacher in the classroom as well. There is a chance I will get to be Sarah again! Holla!

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