Friday, January 22, 2010

Denbigh Mornings

One of my favorite things to do is to wake up at 7 (before the sun comes up) come into the kitchen and sit by the window. I either do schoolwork, mark papers, email etc. and wait for the sun to come up as I sip on tea (another one of my favorite things) all before anyone else is stirring. I can hear birds chirping this morning, that means that it isn't raining outside; maybe the sun will peak out today!

We have a full house now. There are 2 equestrian girls, who, you guessed it, take care of the horses and stables, and the 2 housemistresses from George's who only sleep here on their 2 nights off a week. It has been a challenge to be receptive of their moving in here, and loosing the privacy and quiet that Jennifer and I so much enjoyed. Its nice to come home to a quiet empty house after a long day, but that usually isn't the case anymore.

We are going to Manchester with the boarders tomorrow, but since it is an exeat weekend, we don't have any prep girls to take care of! Thank goodness! So we get to explore and do what we like, rather than go to Build-A-Bear, which is a nightmare! Especially when the are having a birthday party on the first weekend of the year where there wasn't snow on the ground so everyone and their dogs where out.

Today should be a little less hectic than yesterday. I just felt tossed about, trying to follow my schedule, and a little unwanted/in the way of a few of the senior school staff. So needless to say I was very irritable by the end of the day. Today should be better.

No more teaching practice until Monday.

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