Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 3 in London was my Favorite!!

In case you haven't deduced it yet...Jennifer and I are trying every avenue we know to get to Hogwarts!! I guess they really don't like muggles right now or something. We searched all over King's Cross Station, and finally found Platform 9 and three quarters!! We decided we would have to settle for our own "Hogwarts" aka Howells.

But at any rate, I'll start from the beginning of the day. We went to this really neat little fair trade bistro called The Pantry. We drank tea with actual lumps of sugar (see facebook for a picture), I always thought they meant spoonfuls, but they are actual lumps. I had toasted foccacia and sausage with onion marmalade, and it was delicious! We then attempted to go to Notting Hill to go to Market Day (if you've seen Notting Hill, you know what I'm talking about. We boarded the correct numbered bus going in the wrong direction, so we literally rode around a corner and hopped off. Then we got on the right bus, and I couldn't find my Oyster Card (transit pass) to get on, so the bus driver just said to get on and I could swipe it when I found it. Well, I couldn't find it, and freaked out because my train ticket to Wales was with it, so we jumped off and started walking back to retrace our steps and then I found it in my purse. Attempt number 3 to Notting Hill was successful. We wondered
around Market Day and Notting Hill for a few hours. It was very very busy.

We then headed to the other side of London to have lunch with my Grandfather's friend, Chuck, from the doctorate program who now lives in London with his wife, Susan. She made shepard's pie, and it was delicious! My uncle Chris would have loved it! We had tea and apple pie afterward and relaxed before heading off to our next thing, which was the search for Platform 9 and three quarters.

We then headed over to Bakers Street to find 221b; Sherlock Holmes' house. We made it too late to go to the museum, but we weren't too bummed. We wanted to go see a show after that, but everything was sold out.

We then decided we were hungry, so we went to the Fish Club (where Jennifer used to work) and the manager gave us free dinner. So we had a shrimp and charizo skewer as an appetizer, and battered fish and sweet chips (sweet potato fries) for dinner and he brought out a brownie with buttered pecan ice cream; that was the best ice cream I have ever had in my life!!! Thanks Harry!

All in all it was a great day: Harry Potter attractions, 2 free meals, spending another day in was great!

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