Sunday, January 3, 2010

Last Day in London

We started out the day going to East Hill Baptist Church; the church Jennifer's brother attended when he lived here. Following the service, we had tea and cake. One thing I learned about tea, you have to ask for it without milk or you get it with milk. I like mine straight; no milk or sugar. I'm weird!

We then took the bus down to all the attractions again to get some daylight photos. We stopped to grab lunch at this place called Pret. I got a Swedish meatball wrap
and some sweet potato crisps. It was very delicious! So we ate as we walked along St James Park to Buckingham Palace (me at the gates to the left) and then to Westminster Abbey; the photo to the right. It is a very beautiful building, you have to just stand in awe of it for a minute. We hit up most of the same p
laces we did on day 2 to get pictures during the daylight.

The sun started to go down and it became bitterly cold so we decided to come back to the flat and start packing our things because we catch a train from Euston Station to Rhyl Station (in Wales, close to Denbigh) at 8:10 in the morning, but first we have to get to Euston Station from where we are now. We plan on leaving the flat at 6:30 in the morning. We are both becoming anxious and excited to get to Howells, maybe not necessarily to start teaching, we are enjoying playing and exploring far too much!

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  1. Ready for an update! How's the school? You did make it there right?