Monday, January 25, 2010


I went to school this morning, like every other morning, thinking it would be a normal day. Well, it wasn't. One of the prep school teachers was out today, unexpectedly. So since I was already scheduled to be in the prep school half of the day, and my year 11 student is out skiing this week, I just cleared it with Mrs. Scott (my mentor, whose class I was to be in later today) and took Sarah's class for the day. I taught maths, science, and RE (religious education) Luckily, in maths and science they were covering similar topics to what I have been teaching in my other classes. Things went fairly well, the only thing was the girls acted like they had no brains sometimes. They would say, "I'm stuck," or "I'm confused," before they even looked at anything on the page. I then told them they were not allowed to say either of those phrases for the rest of the day, and things went a little better. I think it was a good learning experience, because I had full responsibility of the class for most of the day, and things went fairly smoothly.

Miss Hodgson is coming to observe me tomorrow, so I better finalize my lesson plans....

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