Monday, January 18, 2010

Lazy Sundays in Denbigh

Well, Jen and I gave going to church in Denbigh another go. We set out for St. Mary's Anglican Church, and of course arrived during the Welch service, fail number 1. So, we then decided to go to Morrison's (a supermarket) to put up a few things and then we would go back to St. Mary's for the 11 o'clock service; Morrison's wasn't open yet, fail number 2. After wasting about an hour walking around Denbigh, it was finally time to head to St. Mary's, which was much better than St. Tomas', but still not my favorite. I'm glad we will be traveling most weekends.

We then decided to take another walk up the hill to Denbigh Castle, which we love going to, and brought Brighid, the gap-year student, along for the walk since she hasn't been yet. We walked around, speculating what things were we could see in the distance and at the castle. We all then just sort of plopped down on the remains of some walls (well I was sitting IN the wall) and Jennifer and I took little catnaps atop the hill in the ruins of Denbigh castle! What a wonderful lazy Sunday!

PS I am teaching 2 double maths lessons today so I'll blog later about how those went!

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