Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Second Day of Teaching

Today was a learning experience indeed. I know full well what the meaning of being a flexible teacher means. I started an experiment in my year 5 class, noticed it was taking longer than I had hoped, and that there was really no point to weighing the air displacement in sand when you poured water into it; what was more important was that they made the correct observations about what was happening. Things went very smoothly and the girls made some very insightful observations! I was so proud of them!!

My next lesson was a continuation over 100 pairs with my year 6 class. They didn't quite get it like I had hoped and worked much slower than they should have. Guess I'll have to assign some review work for them next week. The show must go on though!

I also received the scheme for my year 9 Biology class, so I suppose she wants me to start teaching soon! Oh goodness! Guess I'll really have to do my homework on that one. Classroom management will be key for this group, they are very disrespectful and she is constantly telling them to stop talking. Note to self, it's not a popularity contest so I don't necessarily have to be nice. Seat changes may be in order!

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