Thursday, December 10, 2009

...and the excitement builds!

So, the preparations for my departure are getting a little more serious. Incase you didn't already know...I'm not the sleekest chick on the block, so a little wardrobe update was necessary. It would have been necessary regardless of me leaving or not. New trousers and sweaters had to be purchased. I have been strategically picking my suitcases to maximize space; three months worth of clothes is a lot to pack in one suitcase.

It still seems surreal. I am so excited about having the opportunity to student teach abroad! I was able to talk to my uncle yesterday and he was telling me about his time in Wales, which made me even more excited!

Now all I have to do is move my stuff out of my house in College Station, and keep gathering the essentials for my trip to the UK!

Here is a picture of Denbighshire county, the area that Howells School is in.

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