Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The News!

I found out the news today! I will be traveling to Wales, at the end of this year (yes, like 6 weeks) to complete my student teaching! I will be at a school called Howells! (here is the link Howells School) It is an all girls boarding school in Denbigh, North Wales. Check out some pictures here.

My partner in this crazy adventure is Jennifer! We have hit it off really well, and I am excited to have her as a roommate next semester! Jennifer is an Early childhood-4th grade generalist so we have a little different career focus but it will make things interesting!

We have been praying and pleading for almost a month now that we would get news, and now that we finally got confirmation, we are both overly exited to start the journey! All of this wouldn't be possible without our favorite person in the world right now, Kim Parish! Thank you so much!!! And thanks to everyone else for the encouragement and support!

I will be keeping this blog up over the next several months, leading up to departure and throughout my time away, so you should subscribe so you can get email updates when I post a new blog!

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  1. Sounds exciting! I've been to Wales and the history is really interesting! I couldn't figure out how to get email updates. Can you hep?